Photography by Molina


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Saving Georgia's Rivers


Hello everyone, 

I wish to share with you some photographs I took on Saturday, October, 26th. That's the day I drove out to Marietta to help members of the Sierra Club, Atlanta Freethought Society, and some Life University students, in an effort to clean the Rottenwood Creek that runs through the university's campus and later feeds into the Chattahoochee River. It was a cold October morning, but despite the cool temperatures, many people showed up to participate. I've been a Member of the Sierra Club for a few months now, but this was my first volunteer outing I've had the opportunity to take-part in—and I really hope it is not my last one. I had such a great time—the people were wonderful and the nature trail that swerves down the creek was breathtaking. Through our combined efforts, we were able to reduce the amount of trash what was cluttering the creek—in total, 14 tires and 12 large trash bags were collected and removed from one of Georgia's beautiful creeks. To learn more about the Sierra Club, you can visit their website HERE. If you're interested in the Atlanta Freethought Society, their information can be found HERE. I hope you'll enjoy the images! :)

To thank us for our hard work, all volunteers were given these amazing t-shirts! The front reads: "When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to see it with love and respect." —Aldo Leopold

Volunteer Tshirts.jpg


Additionally, we were treated to some delicious hot dogs, snacks, and a reptile show. I would post some photos of the snakes they were showing but I was to scared to get close enough for a photo—instead, I present you this beautiful turtle :)