Photography by Molina


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Welcoming 2017

If 2016 taught me anything it is to expect the unexpected. Things may not always change as one would hope, but once in a while life throws us precious moments we learn to cherish - as these small treasures are what makes living all the more enjoyable. This year, I was fortunate enough to welcome the new year with one of my best friends amongst the splendor of the Gulf of Mexico. 

I received a call Thursday afternoon, and by Friday I was out on the road - on my way to meet my friend Jessica at Panama City Beach. This was my first time visiting the area so it made the trip all the more exciting. Accompanied by a bit of wine, we painted a bit with our watercolors and watched a few of our favorite movies as we counted down the hours to close another chapter of our lives.  After Jessica introduced me to Game of Thrones (don't judge, I know I'm super late), we got lucky with the weather so we set out to lay on the beach - enjoying each other's company. Below are a few images I took while we played around in the beautiful sunset as the ocean waves broke at our feet - I hope you'll enjoy.

Below are a few experimental portraits I created using the beautiful hibiscus that was in bloom right in front of the condo we werestaying in. 

These last few images were created by overlaying two photos to produce a more surreal, Inception-esque, finished product.