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Restorations & Manipulations

Restorations & Manipulations

from 25.00

Your history is important – allow me to restore your precious family memories for the next generation! The consultation, during which I will evaluate the portrait for disrepair, is free. Honesty is the best policy, so if the damage is so advanced that a restoration effort is not possible,  I will inform you immediately.

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The following kinds of photo restorations & manipulations are available:

  • Minor to moderate Background restoration
  • Minor to moderate Scratches and blemishes
  • Minor to moderate color adjustments
  • Damage to edging or background
  • Photo manipulation - adding or taking objects away from photographs; composing a few image from multiple photos (photo-collage).

Please scan your photo using a cleaned scanning bed (remove all dust etc. for the best quality scan) at the highest resolution possible (at least 300 dpi). Please save it as a .TIFF file. For larger images, you may need to re-digitize the photograph by taking a new photograph of it. Please use the best camera with the highest resolution available to you for the best quality image. If you don’t feel comfortable doing either yourself – and you live close enough to the zip code 30180 – we may schedule a date for you to deliver the photograph.

Once you have the photograph digitized, please email the .TIFF file to me at For multiple large files, Dropbox is another option to transfer files. Include with your file what you would like done to the image. Think about how large you would like to re-print the image and tell me that also as it may affect the dimensions of the final restored image. 

When the file is received I will assess the amount of damage to the image, which will affect the final price. You will be quoted the price based on the time needed to restore the image before we begin work.

Minor: $25.00
Medium: $35.00
Major: $50.00

Once complete I will email you the restored image file. I highly encourage everyone to print/reprint your photographs. Digital files are not archival. We can always rescan and reprint from an old photograph like we are doing now, but we cannot print from a corrupted file. 

For an additional fee I can reprint the image for you using a high-quality professional lab. You spent the time and money to have your memories restored, so make sure you have them printed at the highest archival quality!

I can guarantee the quality of the prints that come from the professional lab I use. I cannot, however, guarantee the quality of the print you receive from any other lab. Every lab has their own printing profiles – you can take the same file to 10 printers and receive 10 different prints back. To make sure you have the perfect print of your restored photograph, I highly encourage customers to order their prints through me.

Please request a PDF file for the products I offer - prints starting at just $10! Prints available on Glossy or Lustre Paper, as well as on stretched canvas.

Turn around time depends on the amount of restoration required and if you are ordering prints or not. I will include a time frame with the final estimate.

For all questions please message me through the Contact page or email me at